Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Chateau La Barotte, Reserve 2010

The Chateau La Barotte has been one of the best finds of 2014 and I fervently hope that a case of this wine materializes out of thin air and into my apartment. (I have been devouring the Percy Jackson & the Olympians voraciously over the past few days, with gods, demi gods and objects appearing in and out of thin air all too frequently). 

The Chateau has been owned by the Guerin Family for 3 generations. In 1930 Rene Guiron bought the castle with it's 4.5 hectares of vineyards and 1.5 hectares  of land with an AOC label. Since then necessary improvements have been added to the wine storehouse,to the equipment and to the methods of cultivation in order to make the farm into a modern wine producing Chateau. The Chateau La Barotte is located in the commune of Saint Andew de Cuzbac, 15 miles away from the city of Bordeaux, 12 miles away from Libourne and 18 miles away from the commune of Blaye. The 20 year old vines benefit from excellent sun exposure and the constant attention of Michel and Stephane Guiron.

Tasting notes: The 2010 Brodeaux from Chateau La Barotte is a beautiful, well balanced wine comprising of the traditional Bordeaux blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc.

The wine is almost black with crimson tints. The nose brims over with dark fruits like blackberries, black cherries, licorice with hints of red fruit; crushed strawberries, currants. This is a surprisingly elegant wine that can compliment meats like venison, goat, lamb and chicken with its suppleness and hints of tartness complimented by it's high but well rounded acidity. The tannins are ripe and the finish is quite long. An absolutely good find, a wine from a lesser known chateau, where some of the best known bargains in terms of quality and price are to be found.

Chateau La Barotte
Bordeaux 2010
Merlot:  70%
Cabernet Sauvignon:   16.5%
Cabernet Franc:   13.5%
Price:  $ 9.99